Grumpy old me learns a new trick

source: my nightmares

Over the past year or so, I’ve been seeing a tie knot called the “Eldredge” popping up. It’s a big hit on YouTube, Pintrest, Instagram, etc, and seems to look “best” with the shade of tie in the picture above – gold, super-shiny. Why I haven’t seen Trump in one yet is a mystery worthy of the sphinx.

Clearly, and not surprisingly, I’m not much of a fan.


…I have found a practical use for the knot. Namely, as a way to wear super-short ties from the 1940′s – 50′s in the 20th century.

source - internet

source – internet

The reason the Eldredge knot works is because the skinny blade gets wrapped up under the collar, and doesn’t hang with the rest of the tie.

For example:

I look like I should be trying to bum a free hamburger off Popeye

I look like I should be trying to bum a free hamburger off Popeye

Above is a vintage tie, knotted as nature intended. It’s much too short for anyone choosing to live after the year 1958.

Here’s what I had left after Eldredgin’ that baby. A teeny little nubbin, concealed by the knot itself.

And this is the final look. Amazing – the tie looks contemporary and will return to my wardrobe!*

And lucky you, I even made a Vine, showing you step-by-step how to tie the Eldredge:

*who am I kidding? Not going to bother with that

Seasonal Denial – March 2013 Edition

Yesterday was such a nice day!  It was uncharacteristically sunny for Vancouver. The outdoors beckoned.

I got in the spirit of things, putting on a light linen blazer, an even lighter oxford button down, a pale blue straw fedora and loafers.

Oh, did I mention that it was March the 3rd?  And in Vancouver, dressing like that even as late in the year as June 3rd is potentially courting disaster. Yours truly was seriously underdressed.

Although I was wearing fur, as you can see

It looks like I’m not above ignoring my own advice. Sigh.

We’ll see if the memory of an afternoon spent shivering as much as my Chihuahuas and the new app I just installed will prevent this from happening any time soon*.

not that you can tell, but my ankles had just turned blue moments earlier

*I wouldn’t bet on it

the Blogger becomes the Blogee…

image from Molière et Moi

image from Molière et Moi

It’s always nice when a street fashion blogger asks to take your photo*. I was recently stopped by a snazzily dressed UK-based blogger on his second visit to Gastown, where he was taking in menswear boutiques, and snapping pictures of well-dressed folks.

Gastown’s become a great location for spotting some very well-put together folks – you don’t see as many “Canadian Tuxedos” as one did five years ago, that’s for sure.

Another nice thing was the fact that it was my first day wearing a beautiful vintage wool overcoat, given to my by a co-worker who didn’t care for it’s “roominess”. My gain.


It’s a Crombie – so beloved by ’60′s Mods. But I doubt they’d care for the one I scored, with it’s raglan sleeves. It’s more informal, more country than city.

In other words, think Downton Abbey, not Our House

* it happens

O.P shows how it’s done…

soul jazz

Man, I wish I could pull off the orange polo shirt, blue-green jacket, beige sweater vest combo that Oscar Peterson’s getting away with here!

Also wish I could pull off smoking a pipe, too…

and be one of the all-time jazz piano greats, as well.

If you happen to be one of the all-time jazz-piano greats, you have my permission to copy O.P’s outfit.

If not, stick to your blue and greys, and slap this on:

Happy Robbie Burns Day!

In honour of Robbie Burns Day, I give you the world’s best dressed weatherman, Charles, Prince of Wales, delivering the weather in Scotland:

Oh, boy do I ever love this.

I’m taking in a Robbie Burns party myself, which means haggis, whisky(s) and… a glass of Alka Seltzer first thing tomorrow…


Came home recently to a surprise from The Missus… a briefcase!

hey hey!

What a nice treat. And I wasn’t even in need of one – she just saw it, and figured I’d like it (which I obviously do.)

your tax dollars at work

And here’s an extra detail – it looks like this case was a Government of British Columbia-issue briefcase. Much nicer than the laptop case I imagine one gets nowadays. Obviously way more expensive, too, so I should hope this kind of luggage is no longer standard issue and thank my good fortune.

And great wife!

Seasonal Denial

me, all bundled up and movember-ed

Here in Vancouver, we’re fully locked into a season of green grass, cold weather and lots of rain. And with it arrives of another season of sorts – one of denial.

Okay, labelling it “denial” is a bit over the top. But it’s a pithier phrase than “sad-ass coping strategies” (and more sympathetic, too.)

I’m referring to the surprisingly large percentage of the population (predominately male, predominately under thirty-five) that’s not going to let Vancouver’s sometimes near-constant drizzle dictate how they’re dressing today.

In other words, this post goes out to those guys walking around in the rain not wearing rain gear at all.

The other day, on a lunch time stroll, I thought I’d count the number of men not dressed for the weather (which was – wait for it… rain.) And, by “not dressed”, I meant “no umbrella, no rain wear, no hat” (I even accepted guys wearing a skull-cap touque, despite my belief that a hat which clings snugly to your head is probably not going to keep your noggin dry for long.) I counted over 30 quickly-dampening folk in a matter of minutes.

I’m sure there were more, but I stopped counting after a few minutes.

what’s that say on the label of my rain coat… “shower proof”? oh, yes

Why is this?

I think I have an answer. I grew up in northern Alberta, where sub -20 degree Celsius days are as common as grey skies and rain here. And as I progressed through my teens, I felt I didn’t need to wear a big bulky winter hat any more (teenage years are full of arbitrary rebellions like that.) Of course, this meant that I wound up seriously freezing one of my ears one day (!) while walking to school (which explains my current attitude regarding dressing for the weather.)

It’s a paradox: One wants to be comfortable, and not have weather dictate wearing all these heavy layers. As a result, one gets cold, wet and is uncomfortable.

No matter. The right way to go in this case, happens to also the spiffier option, making it easy for guys like me…

water-proof and velvet-lined! men of Vancouver, your shoes need these…